As every intellectual endeavour needs an ideational or empirical anchoring, we propose a list of topics that could be discussed most productively within CEU’s International Relations Department (due to the nature of its academic expertise). These topics should serve as an inspiration for your submissions and further critical interventions during this event:

  • State’s role and responsibility with regards to ensuring, shaping, and protecting public life
  • Militarization and securitization of everyday life
  • Migrants, diaspora, expats, refugees, and stateless people in their relationship with the hosting states, the states of origin, and international law
  • State of exception: its normalization, unmaking, limits, virtues, and vices
  • Borders: exclusionary, secured, and re-possessed
  • Future of history and history of the future
  • (In)equalities: future of knowledge, money, labor, and land
  • Mobilization: future of protest, cooperation, and resistance
  • Alternative: academia, scholarly debate, knowledge production, voice, and power